As a client-centred company, it’s our vision to make insurance and maintenance related struggles a thing of the past for trustees, HOAs, and BCs in the Western Cape.


We help trustees assign funds towards repair and maintenance issues to meet insurance policy requirements. We also help with fidelity guarantees to protect beneficiaries.


We help HOAs handle all insurance claims related to common property and communal areas.


We help Body Corporates handle all property related claims including common areas, and permanent fixtures.



We cut out the admin of filing insurance claims, following up, and it’s our priority to make the process as painless as possible.

Immediate Submission & Processing of Claims

Quick submission of insurance claims can be the difference between total coverage and paying out of pocket. We help to ensure that claims are always submitted with immediate effect.

Monthly Claim Reports & Insurance Summaries

Monthly claim reports monitor loss ratios and help to keep monthly premiums low. We also issue insurance summaries which check that property isn’t over insured or underinsured.

Aligning Sum Insured with Replacement Costs

We compare evaluation worth of property versus what the policy will cover to help property professionals make informed decisions about which policy or policy broker is best for them.

Renewal of Insurance Policies

We compare insurance broker rates when it’s time to renew insurance policies. This ensures you always get the most competitive rates for your insurance.

Regulatory & Legal Compliance Advice

Backed by our decades of property industry experience, we understand all regulatory and legal requirements for trustees, HOAs, and BCs. We can help you stay on the right side of the law and prevent liability.